Different anomalous behaviour  can be defined for each situation were camera surveillance has been installed. “Running” at a station  entrance for example is not by definition anomalous, whilst “running” in the Binnenhof where the government is located, a high secured area, may very well be seen as anomalous behaviour. Several people on an industrial site during the day is not anomalous, whilst the same several people on the site during the night may well be identified as anomalous. The intelligent software can be set up such that the relevant  behaviours  can be defined for each camera group or each search.

The software can be used in three different ways:

1. Real time camera surveillance. 
A camera’s video images are analysed directly by the software, and if one of the pre-programmed behaviours is detected, a pre-defined response follows. Such responses could be: activation of a monitor with the video concerned in a surveillance room, notification of staff, or automatic storage of the images.

2. Retracing video images.
The software can fully automatically comb image material for the pre-defined behaviours and thereby reduce the amount of image material that needs to be viewed by the employee to that containing the selected behaviours, thus making more efficient use of the employees time.

3. Reduction of image data volumes.
In the public order and security domains,  it is normal to collect “haystacks” to be able to find “needles” later. The storage of these “haystacks” in terms of visual material, sound recordings, and other documents is requiring increasing amounts of storage capacity. A single HD camera already produces 1 Terabyte of data in 28 days (the legal retention time in Holland). The software does this reduction on the one hand using an intelligent pre-processing technology that compresses the image material, and on the other hand, when the situation permits, by selection on behaviours. This drastically reduces the amount of storage needed, as well as reducing the size of the “haystacks”, making it easier to find the “needles”.