Increased  effectiveness.

Camera surveillance becomes significantly more effective because:

The software can monitor many cameras simultaneously, 24 hours per day, without missing any essential behaviours. Examining images can be very laborious for the observer, and employees often have to monitor many cameras simultaneously. As a result it is difficult to see or notice all the relevant images. However, the software misses nothing, and monitors all the cameras simultaneously, 24 hours a day. As soon as an anomalous behaviour is noticed, the observer is informed. The software provides perfect assistance to be able to catch somebody red-handed, as well as to detect intent such that incidents can be averted. The software does not get tired, it misses nothing, judges the images objectively, and can monitor  many cameras simultaneously. The chance of a mistake (missing relevant images) is reduced enormously through use of the software.

2. The software can be instructed only to look out for  specific relevant behaviours. “Running” at a busy bus-station would not normally be considered anomalous behaviour. However, it is difficult not to follow this, as a result of which the observers attention may be diverted from behaviour which could be described as anomalous. The software cannot be distracted and will indicate all relevant behaviours.

3.The software can quickly comb through stored image material, and select the desired images, without missing any behaviours.

Cost reduction

Camera surveillance is significantly cheaper because:

1. Less manpower required for “real-time” camera surveillance. The software recognises people and “situation-anomalous” behaviour. Less people are required to screen camera images for anomalous behaviour. Manpower resources are still required to initiate or execute specific activities as a result of the software recognising anomalous behaviour.

Less manpower is required for “batch processing” of image material. Currently, image material is scanned by people, and important material is allocated a tag (keyword) before being stored. The software can scan the image material fully automatically for human behaviour and apply tags.

Less storage space is needed to be able to keep the image material. The software can fully automatically separate the “chaff” from the “corn” in the image material, such that less material needs to be stored.