About QVi

Qubit Visual Intelligence (QVI) BV wants to contribute to a safer society through the practical application of their innovative pattern recognition technology. 

QVI BV does this through combining their state-of-the-art scientific knowledge with TNO algorithms to deliver total solutions of the highest quality. QVI BV’s products are suitable for immediate use and can be integrated into existing applications or can be delivered as a complete solution. 

QVI BV possesses:

  • state-of-the-art algorithms
  • extensive knowledge and contacts in the area of public order and safety
  • major expertise in the development of  high quality software
  • outstanding knowledge of behavioural psychology
  • enthusiastic professionals  with strong involvement in the public order and security domains, and who are specialised in the development of excellent quality software

As a result QVI BV is uniquely placed to be able to apply their scientific knowledge in the construction of practical solutions. QVI BV combines reliability,  client domain expertise, strong focus and technical innovation to generate the highest quality products and support services.